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About Us

Founded in 1997, Xitao Polymer Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to the innovation of polyacrylamide series products. Our new plant locates in Nantong with the designed capacity is 90000MT per year, which combines research, production, marketing, and after-sale service. 

We not only produce cationic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide, non-ionic polyacrylamide, amphoteric polyacrylamide, but also specialized in super absorbent polymer for hygiene and agricultural use, our products are widely used in various fields such as municipal & industrial waste water treatment, paper making, ore dressing, mining & metallurgy, construction, agriculture and oilfield in various application such as hydraulic fracture, acid fracture, drilling mud additives, friction reducer, profile control, etc.

Xitao Polymer Co.,Ltd. has its own R&D center--Beijing Xitao Polymer Research Institute, it is directed by expert PhD researcher from overseas. It's composed of expert technicians and chemists who are responsible for product development,improvement and continuous innovation to assure best products to fit our customer's needs.

We aim at providing customers with best PAM & SAP products. We take safety, credibility, cooperation and innovation as our objects. 

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort.

Xitao Polymer Co. Ltd.
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