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Friction Reducer

Friction Reducers are added to unconventional fracturing fluids to reduce pipe friction, allowing for higher injection rates in a stimulation treatment. XITAO provides a range of anionic, invert emulsion, polyacrylamide based polymers that are compatible with typical additives used in slickwater fluids.


  ● Perfect friction reducing rate(50-70%)

  ● Viscosified obviously (multi-branched structure)

  ● Reduce fluid loss

  ● Low absorption to formation(anionic)

  ● Low cost  


AppearanceWhite opaque viscous emulsion
Solid content, %26min.
Dissolving time, minutes3 max.
Friction reducing rate60%~75%
pH valueneutral
Suggested dosage0.1%


Main characteristics:

* Good friction reduce rate: up to 75%

* Reduce fracturing fluids loss 

* Low absorption to reservoir 

* Cost-saving

* Very convenient for site jobs.

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