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EOR oil displacement polymer agent ( anti-salt & anti-temperature)

The global average recovery factor for a typical oilfield is approximately 40%. This results in a large amount of identified oil left behind despite an existing production infrastructure. The need to improve the recovery factor and the accelerating of the associated production is the main driver behind the many EOR schemes in practice around the world.

To recover more oil, more quickly,we developed a new chemicals for EOR application.It is a modified hydrolyzed polyacrylamide, with excellent thermostability and salinity stability. It can keep a high viscosity in a high temperature reservoir. Therefore, the polymer solution is suitable for high salinity layer, displaces oil in good EOR results.

Appearancewhite granular powder
Degree of Hydrolysis, %≤25
Solid Content, %≥90
Molecular Weight, Million18-33
Thermal stability70℃,6000mg/l(salinity ),1500mg/L PAM, 30r/min ,mPa.s≥11
85℃,20000mg/l(salinity),1500mg/L PAM, 30r/min ,mPa.s≥10
85℃,33000mg/l(salinity),1500mg/L PAM,30r/min, mPa.s≥9

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