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Profile control

This product is a granulated solid, formed by polymerization of different monomers, cross-linking agents, and proppants. By controlling the raw materials, the recipe and the different production processes, we can make products with the desired properties such as: different sizes, different swelling properties, flexibility, strength etc…These products can be used as profile control agents, EOR agents, and plugging agents in various reservoir conditions, which have different temperatures, permeability, soil pressure, salinity, pore diameter etc…

It takes the advantages of organic and inorganic profile agent, can plug effectively in high permeability layer and maintains the characteristics of deformation and spreading.

Items Unit Index Test result
Appearance------White to yellowish granuleWhite to yellowish granule
Apparent densityg/cm31.1~1.91.345
pH value-----6~86.08
Solid content, %----90min.90.96
Mesh size≥1.0mm----≤100.50
Monomer residue, %----≤0.050.0041
Free absorbencyTimes≥ 810.79
Swelling strengthtimes≥ 88.40


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