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Acid fracture gelling fluid


Product info:

The specificity of this product is that the gel formation takes place before the injection on the ground. The cross-linking time can be adjusted by using different quantities of cross-linking agent. The specific properties of this product are good elasticity and no residue.


Appearancewhite solid powder
SolubilitySoluble to water and acid
20%Hcl +0.9% acid thickening agent +cross-linker, 25 ℃200-300mPa.s
20%Hcl +0.8%(0.9) acid thickening agent +cross-linker, 120 ℃50-80mPa.s

Rheological curve:


0.9%FS3802(gelling agent)+1.6%JL3802(crosslinker)+20%HCL under 120℃/170S-1 

Using method:

Dissolves in acid directly, to make solution concentration according to reservoir characteristics & construction requirement. 

Avoid fisheyes.

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