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Acid fracturing thickening agent for ultra-deep carbonate reservoirs.


Due to the characteristics of carbonate reservoir pore seam development & high-temperature formation, to ensure the acid fracturing effect , needs to improve the penetration depth of the reservoir, increase the acid fluids conductive ability, in this sense,it's required to improve the rheological properties & reduce the acid-rock reaction speed.So we developed the ground cross-linking type that has good thermal stability and shear resistance in order to achieve a low fluid loss and acid-rock reaction speed , maximize the acid fracturing effects & economic benefits. It's suitable for ultra-deep carbonate reservoirs.

1) Properties:

* copolymer of cationic monomer& acrylamide

* For carbonate reservoir( Acid/rock reaction)

* Viscosifying effectively to 20%HCL & 25%HCL.

* Good temperature & shear resistance, can be used in acid system of 180℃ reservoir.

2) Characteristics: 

--Good rheological & thermal stability

A: 0.8% DC4099+20%HCL gel system is for 140-160℃ reservoir. Viscosity can reach to 40-60mPa.s under 25℃/170 s-1condition, 30-35mPa.s under 90℃/170 s-1,and 20-30mPa.s under 120℃/170 s-1 condition.(as per chart 1)

B: 1.0% DC4099+20%HCL gel system is for 160-180℃ reservoir. Viscosity can reach to 50-70mPa.s under 25℃/170 s-1condition, 45-50 mPa.s under 120℃/170 s-1,and 20-30mPa.s under 160℃/170 s-1 condition.(as per chart 2)

Chart 1:0.8% DC4099+20%HCL gel rheological graph 



CHART 2: 1.0% DC4099+20%HCL gel temp.-viscosity graph


--Good retarding performance

Test showed that the retarding rate of 0.8% DC-4099+20%HCL high-temp. gel is more than 90% compared with white acid 

--Excellent fluid loss reducing property

DC-4099 high temperature gel is of perfect rheological function, effectively reduces the formation of fluid loss.

-- Superior performance and compatibility

It can mix with inhibitor, demulsifier, iron ion stabilizer, anti-swelling agent, soluble to water or acid. 

3)Product specification

Items Spec.
AppearanceWhite powder
Solid content, %≥90%
SolubilityDispersed and dissolved in water and acid
Retarding rate>90%
Tackifying property

0.8% DC4099+20%HCL, ≥40mPa.s under room temp./170s-1 condition and 20-30mPa.s in120℃;
1.0%DC4099+20%HCL,20-25mPa.s under 60/170s-1condition.

Reducing frictional resistance25%-35% of water friction


Should mix with acid at room temperature before using and guarantee no fisheyes.

Can use agitator while preparing indoors, adding the dry powder into the whirlpool, stir for 1 hour to avoid caking.

Can store for 2 year in cool and dry place.

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