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Multipurpose Friction Reducer



RY70 is an anionic friction reducer designed for use in  water-base fracturing fulids and brines.RY70 is a polyacrylamide polymer which functions by thickening the fluid which is to be pumped down the well. Also it can be used as pre-flushing fluid.The flow of low viscosity fluids pumped at high rates can be described as “turbulent flow”.The individual molecules in this type of flow move randomly within the column of the fuild,bouncing against the pipe walls and one another,and bouncing back against the flow of the fluid. Friction pressure increases because energy is absorbed when fluid molecules are involved in a collision,and this results in more horse power and pumping pressure required to achieve higher rates. By increasing the viscosity(the resisitance of two molecules to slide past one another)of the fluid,the velocity of the individual molecules with respect to one anoter is decreased,which allows the molecules to move in the same direction. The flow pattern achieved by using RY70 is referred to as "laminar flow",and is much more efficient than turbulent flow.This results in a reduction in friction,and a decrease in the pimping pressure required to pump the fluid at higher rates.RY70  attains a rapid inversion rate even in brine solutions. The product's high degree of brine tolerance makes it ideal for use in conjunction with produced water,which often has high levels of ions present. 


Appearancepale white to light yellow viscous emulsion
Ion typeanionic(with functional monomer)
Specific Grativity3 max. 
Active ingredient, %30min.
Dissolving time, minutesneutral 
Friction reducing rate 60%~75% 


- Good friction reduce rate: up to 75%

- Obvious thickening effect. (multi-branched structure)

- Compatible with high hardness water and brines

- Reduce fracturing fluids loss 

- Low absorption to reservoir 

- Low cost

Handling Precautions:

* When handling RY70,rubber gloves and eye protection should be worn,as skin and eye contact should be avoided.

* Containmented clothing should be washed before wearing.

* Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.


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