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Slickwater fracture fluids/friction reducer

Friction reducer is the main chemicals used in shale gas slick fracture. During shale gas hydraulic fracture, friction reducer is added while pumping the fresh water into reservoir. 

It is a modified hydrolyzed polyacrylamide emulsion, it’s a combination of linear elastic molecules & nano-microspheres, which has excellent thermostability and salinity stability, designed for use in water-based fracturing fluids & brines.


  ● Perfect friction reducing rate(50-70%)

  ● Viscosified obviously (multi-branched structure)

  ● Reduce fluid loss

  ● Low absorption to formation(anionic)

  ● Low cost  


AppearanceWhite opaque viscous emulsion
Solid content, %26min.
Dissolving time, minutes3 max.
Friction reducing rate60%~75%
pH valueneutral
Suggested dosage0.1%


Main characteristics:

* Good friction reduce rate: up to 75%

* Reduce fracturing fluids loss 

* Low absorption to reservoir 

* Cost-saving

* Very convenient for site jobs.

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