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EOR water blocking agent

Product info:

It is composed of polymer, cross-linking agent and delaying agents. Polymer and cross-linking agent forms a three-dimension gel plugging the high permeability layer and water channeling. This water shutoff agent is used to control the release speed of the cross-linking agent , as well as the time needed for the gel formation.



Using concentration, %0.5
Gelling viscosity, mPa.s12~150
Gel crosslinking time, hcontrollable
Shutoff pressure,Mpa/m≥25
Suitable temp., ℃20-75

Using method:

Dissolved to a certain concentration solution(normally 2%), put 0.2-0.5% cross-linking agent & retard agent, mixed even, accroding to the well depth or temperature,set the temperature of the oven and put the solution into the oven, observing the performance, the crosslinking time can be adjusted as per customer's demand, normally 4-8days, the gel can be last in the reservoir for 3 to 12 months.

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